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Friends and Fellow Republicans:
Welcome to the website of the Chesterfield County Republican Committee.  We're happy that you are interested in our organization and the great work we do promoting conservative principles and electing Republican candidates at all levels of government!  
A note of thanks:

....there is much to say about the extraordinary victory Chesterfield Republicans realized on November 3rd. There will be time and places to do just that.....but for now:

First, I want to thank each of our 24 Candidates. We are proud of each of you - as well as the values and vision that you will bring to leading our County.

And lead you will.....beginning in January, 16 of the 17 Local Offices in Chesterfield County will be held by members of the CCRC.   Also, our 2 nominees for State Senate and our 5 nominees for the House of Delegates will sit in the operative majority of both houses of Virginia's General Assembly.  

Congratulations to each of our 23 winners!!!!!

A special note goes to Dale District Candidate Cliff Bickford:
Cliff ran a positive campaign to provide a better future for his neighbors. One day, Dale will benefit from the
Leadership of Cliff Bickford. And Chesterfield will be a better place for it.

I want to personally thank the hundreds and hundreds of CCRC members and volunteers who provided coordinated organizational support for our Ticket Members' core campaign activities. Our members and friends knocked the doors, made the calls, contributed the money, walked in the parades, worked at the polls handing out 85,000 Sample Ballots, paid for the Live GOTV calls, as well as purchasing Spanish-speaking advertising and special Ticket Signs for the Election Day. These efforts and so many others, helped to get our Republican Voters to the polls to elect the Chesterfield Republican Ticket on November 3rd.    

There is an old saying that "Politics is a Team Sport." Well, here in Chesterfield our CCRC Team plays to win.    

And thanks to you - we did just that.  
Congratulations and thanks to all!!!

Donald C. Williams
Chesterfield County Republican Committee
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